My sleep schedule has been off for quite a few weeks now, which means that I sleep at very odd hours during the day and for the past few days I’ve pretty much been grabbing a wink or two here and there while I can find the time.

After a whole night of studying for my Physics final (which is actually in an hour, but I couldn’t wait to share and post this), I jumped into bed at 7am with the full intention of waking up to my 8:30am alarm to continue studying.

I woke up soon after and suddenly realized something was amiss… I looked out the window and after observing how bright outside, I realized my mistake.

I never heard my alarm.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened, and I doubt it is because I shut it off in my sleep. It’s been an ongoing technical issue that my phone would freeze in the middle of the night, and thus not wake me up in the morning.

I checked my phone, hoping that it wasn’t frozen and that I could figure out the time. I clicked the power button a few times. No response. I tried calling out to my roommate asking him what time it was, but he was asleep and didn’t even seem to hear me. I am frantic at this point, crossing my fingers that I had only miss maybe one hour of my physics midterm and that I could still get to the lecture hall in time to finish up maybe half the exam.

My phone unfroze and woke up. It was 10:10am.

I have never breathed a sigh of deeper relief, knowing that I did not deserve this. Without hearing my alarm I could have easily overslept and missed my exam completely because of the lack of sleep I’d been getting the past few days. But God, being rich in His love and mercy, prompted me to get up and to continue working as unto Him, and I am grateful for that.

There’s simply no other explanation to how I could have been sparked to wake up without my alarm and still happen to have not overslept. God allowed me to take the rest I needed and prompted to continue the work that is set before me.



So I decided just now that I wanted a change in direction with this blog, and that is to post moments in my life where God is clearly working in me or extended His grace and mercies to me. Just a place where I keep a collection of events and notes to remind myself that God is truly out there living and working in my own life. I would be motivated to write on this blog by none other than the One that sustains me every day.

I’m going to copy-paste this into my new blog description as well, and probably will edit it more when I get more sleep to make it sound all pretty-like and grammatically-correct-like, but just stating what I plan to do with my blog~