I have been meaning to update my blog for the longest time, but just never got around to it. I also wanted to post up something longer that I’ve been meditating on for the past week, but just some praises:

1. Praise God for being able to wake up on time for my ride back up to NorCal last Saturday. The same unfortunate thing happened: My phone froze after I snoozed my 7am alarm. Thankfully I was able to get up an hour and a half later to finish last minute packing and leave without keeping people from waiting too long or even worse leaving without me =(.

2. Praise God for keeping me safe on my drive home after I had picked up my car from my mom’s workplace. After not having driven for almost three months, I was really nervous driving in the rain on the freeway even though home was only 20min away from my mom’s workplace. I hit a puddle and got super nervous, but God is gracious and my car is a 4WD, and I made it home safely.

3. Praise God for the wonderful snow that I was able to ski on the past few days. My dad told me that for the past few weeks it’s been raining (not snowing) in Tahoe non-stop, but the week that I’ve come back to spend time with him has been the only week thus far in the season during which it was actually snowing while we were there skiing. It was a great time of fellowship and enjoying God’s creation.


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