And it’s a shame, the way I want to do these things for You yet
Don’t even cling to You, take time to sit and gleam from You

Background by Lecrae

It’s pretty obvious: we can’t fully serve God unless we are close to Him in spirit and in truth. But how often do we think this way?

Maybe we don’t actively think about it, but it’s all too easy to want to do so much for the Lord and Savior of our lives, and actually do it. But how much does it truly mean if we’re not in community and fellowship with the One we’re working for?

Looking back in hindsight, I can remember all too many times where I truly wanted to work for His increased glory. I actively helped out in my high school’s Footprints Christian Club and my church’s youth group not out of an effort to “earn” my salvation, but more as a response for the love I’ve been shown at the cross.

But there was a problem: I didn’t know my Savior. I spent almost zero time diving into the Word, my prayer life was basically dead, and for the most part I was only doing the things that I was doing because I knew that God wanted me to, and it was the “good Christian thing to do”.

But rather than busily working and working for our Lord, as Martha had, we should be like Mary. We need to make sure we are in close community and fellowship with Christ. Jesus didn’t die for what we could do for Him. He died for us, and us alone. He doesn’t want or need our works. He wants us, and us alone.

It almost seems laughable when you look at it from the outside. Why in the world would we do things for our God without really knowing Him, without knowing exactly why we’re doing it, and who we’re doing it for? And yet how many times do we ourselves try to please Him without resting in His grace first?

A few days ago, a friend related to me his morning schedule: before he got dressed for class and the rest of his day, he would “dress” himself in the armor of God by reading a chapter of Psalms before doing anything else to get ready for his day. I’ve modeled my own mornings after his, and it is definitely encouraging to read from Scripture and to set your mind on the things above before I tackled the busyness of my life. Psalms is such an encouraging book that provides solid doctrine on the character of God, and it’s been so great to rest my worries and anxieties on the solid Rock and Fortress that is Christ.

May I challenge you to more consistently perform your daily devotions and stretch your prayer life. Because we cannot fully serve our Savior and Lord until we know know Him.


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